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UX AUDIT- A way of testing the UX of digital product

Worker performing UX audit
Suppose you want to alter an existing digital product and need expert analysis in this regard. In that case, a UX audit is an excellent option. UX Audit (User Experience Audit) highlights less-than-perfect areas of the digital product, thereby demonstrating the parts of the app or site that are causing problems for the users and stymieing conversion.

What is an expert audit?

It is a usability audit and testing the UX of a digital product or service by UX audit approaches. Every website or app owner faces several challenges which hinder the sales of his digital products. UX audit enables the site owners to know the fundamental problem behind their fewer sales by the expert analysis. It can also show the issues regarding limited payment options and that users don’t know how to pay.

UX audit helps in benefitting the business by conducting a usability audit. UX audit depends on good practices and heuristics. Moreover, UX audit should ensure fundamental human-computer or human-machine interaction, cognitive psychology, and expert knowledge and experience.

When should you reach for an audit?

If you want to verify the UX of your product, then evaluate it. For instance, before the implementation.

The expert audit is an inexpensive tool and enables one to analyze the app or website and bring about required alterations in the website or app.

In short, UX audit enables you to know the following details:
  • Do your website/app facing issues or errors that prevent users from buying your digital products?
  • Is your website/app fast and easy for users to operate?
  • What steps can be taken to enhance the speed and optimization of your app/website?
  • Which steps/processes can be made more accessible and simplified?
  • How to improve communication?
  • What alterations can be made to enhance the conversion rate?

Furthermore, you cannot focus on every aspect of the website/app to detect the error. Suppose you are searching for identifying the problematic areas efficiently then. In that case, a UX audit will help you determine the areas with the issue and give you direction and steps to work on, thereby promoting your digital products efficiently.

Hotsnow intends to provide this service professionally and in a skilled manner, thereby ensuring sorting, filtering, and making conclusions. Our UX audits will give you an organized outlook. We use the Airtable tool for expanding the knowledge base.

Use your product and gather data from the audit and other existing studies and documents regarding the digital products.

What benefits does audit give you?

UX audit deliverables consist of either a UX audit report or a UX audit report with an Airtable database. This report enables you to analyze the errors with detailed descriptions and recommendations regarding the problem. Additionally, you will get a detailed assessment, suggestions, overview of issues, and implementation plans. Following are the steps for the thorough evaluation:

If your website or app's overall assessment is good, you need only focus on designing and resolving only selected problems.

When errors are identified, then additional verification of the mistakes should be done. Afterward, you will receive the research hypotheses, which are excellent for working on the research scenario.

If your digital product shows serious errors, then it is recommended that you should redesign it according to your business goals efficiently and optimally.


The UX audit, also known as usability audit, is meant to efficiently provide your users with the ability to buy your digital products with ease and comfort. Hotsnow carries out a detailed analysis of your website/app to examine the problematic areas and knows the cause of decreased sales. Therefore, it tends to make your website or app user-friendly by enhancing its speed and optimization.

At Hotsnow, we are ready to deal with all types of scenarios. We always make the audit report by making an individual UX audit report by tailoring your needs. In a nutshell, by approaching hot snow, you will get excellent and unique UX audit reports that will benefit your digital marketing business.