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Case Study: A Successful Brand Design Project. branding
We got a request to create the branding and web design for the virtual fitting room app. We designed a contemporary brand, colour palette and visuals and layout for the client's site.

Successful brand design project.


We had a discovery session with the client, held the internal workshop using design thinking and design sprint methodology and came up with the initial sketches.


The biggest challenge was the colour palette and typography, which was targeted at young female audiences. After series of revisions, we approached the final version.


We created the architecture of the logo using a mix of modern design approaches and design grids. After approval of the black and white prototype, we moved to the colours and typography stage. After finalising the styles, we went to a production of the style guidelines and final delivery assets.


The client was excited to see their new identity, and it helped them build a stronger brand and get the necessary attention. A beautiful and fast loading web page was created as a bonus.