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Site launch - Abraham Kenny

Abraham Kenny website
Abraham Kenny (The Diamond Blow, Ylisten) is an Australian solo artist who has been based in Tallinn's abandoned concert hall (Linnahall) for quite some years. It's here where he works, making his music and videos. From Siberia to Transylvania, he's numerously tour'd the former Eastern Bloc, and has firmly planted himself in the region by touring the Baltic States consistently.

Hotsnow is happy to support his artist by creating a dynamic and unique site. We used some not standard technologies to showcase this artist's works.

Process: We created the initial sketches, wireframes, and a clickable prototype. After the approval of all the details with the client, we designed the conversion-targeted website. The brand was created, included the logo and style guidelines.

Outcome. The client launched the website on schedule and started to gain customers. His brand got substantial publicity.

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