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New Version of The Bauhaus Art Geometric Patterns Kit V002

Bauhaus Art Geometric Patterns Kit V002
We are very excited to disclose the new version of the Bauhaus Art Geometric Patterns Kit V002!

Designers have a broad spectrum of options for creating geometric patterns. Bauhaus Art is one system that lets you easily create colourful geometric patterns in web or graphic design projects with Figma, which allows you to select the tiles and add your own colours. The kit contains more than 100 unique patterns and is extremely easy to use. There's no need to install software or export individual PNG files in different sizes because they are all pre-rendered.

This release adds many new features, including rethought components and new tiles. As usual, we've simplified the export process so that you can instantly use your designs in your favourite design application.

To find out more about Bauhaus Art Geometric Patterns Kit V002, visit the product page.

What's new: we changed the structure, so the elements now are listed as components, so it's handier to select using thumbnails when you drag them into your design. The components are also sorted by categories. Also, we added a new type of element called "Ornaments" - the features that can be used for accent or as a small detail in the design.

We added more elements to the kit, so it now contains over 100 components. Enjoy! The most important thing for us is your feedback, so if you like it, please leave a review.

We will be thankful for any comments or recommendations!
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