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Website Design and Development: What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Designer

Web design specialist at work
Are you starting your business or need a website design and development? You need not worry now as this article will guide you to everything you need to know for hiring a designer.

Hiring a designer for website design and development is not easy. Your designer should be skilled and highly qualified as the website is a window that demonstrates your business. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in achieving desirable marketing goals.

While hiring the best website designer, you need to find them by the professional network. A web designer should be highly qualified. That person should have expertise and command over perfect website design and development. Also, recommendation plays a key role while hiring a web designer.

For this purpose, the following are the 20 questions you can ask a web designer before hiring him.

1. What services are they mainly offering?

Most of the firms are usually offering several different services. Suppose they are good at one thing and have gained a reputation in it. So, this does not mean that they are also best at website design and development.

2. Will you use themes or make a customized website design for my project?

Usually, different firms offer both services. So, you need to interact with them and make your preference clear to them. Also, your selection will be based on your total budget.

3. I would like to see your resume, portfolio, and previous review. Can you please provide me with the portfolio?

This is the most critical question to consider before hiring a designer for website design and development. The portfolio of the designer will include explicit his expertise, professionalism and help you in his selection.

4. Can you provide case studies for showcasing the outcomes of your website designs?

The website is not only about the online presence of your business. It should also be able to deliver the desired results. For this purpose, you can ask the designer for case studies that will enable you to get enhanced online sales, boosted leads, and increased conversion rate over the period.

5. What particular strategies will you use to revenue for the website

A professional website designer should have a set of processes that match your goals and help achieve desired goals and aims for your website. He should make an appropriate plan, implement it, and help you get the results.

Moreover, he should be able to highlight specific errors and help you overcome them.

6. Are you able to review my current website and carry out the performance analysis before opting for the new one?

This will help you to know the strength and weaknesses of your website.

7. Will you be able to do a competitor analysis?

Your designer should be able to give you an insight into what other competitors are doing. Also, he should make sure to include innovativeness and creativity to give your website a unique outlook.

8. What approaches will the designer adopt for handling your project?

This question and the answer to the question by the designer will be beneficial for you. The explanation and his approach will show you his expertise, experience, and professionalism in dealing with these projects.

9. How much time do you need for market research and competitor analysis?

The website designer should do detailed market research and spend a tremendous amount of time and hard work making an efficient plan for beating the competitors.

10. How much time will you take to complete the website design and development process?

This question will show your professionalism, thereby clearing all sorts of ambiguities. Also, the expected date of work completion will help the designer and you synchronize everything efficiently.

11. What is your qualification?

This is one of the most helpful questions to ask a designer. This shows his level of learning, knowledge, and expertise.

12. How many pages will be there on the website?

A designer should map out his working plan and present the rough sketch of the website to you. This also includes the total number of pages for the website. More pages, attractive illustrations, testimonials, FAQs, About Us, and contact us details appeal to the search engines.

13. What are your requirements for this, and what details you need from my side?

These questions let you know his requirements and prepare all the required material beforehand, therefore avoiding mess. The designer should know clearly what things he will need to make the website operational. This may include images, content, text, business details, and other information.

14. Will the web designer help you get the images for the website, or will they outsource any work?

It would help if you asked the web designer about the way of adding the images. It should be unique to give a website a unique and exciting outlook.

15. What will be the pay rate for this job, and what services will you offer within this pay rate?

The pricing criteria will be either fixed-rate or will be an hourly rate. Moreover, the pricing criteria will depend on the expertise, experience, and scope of the task.

16. Will your website be desktop compatible as well as mobile friendly?

This is the most important factor for website ranking and website speed optimization.

17. Do they offer Search Engine Optimization services?

This is the most important factor for website ranking and indexing. If the website is not optimized well, it is impossible to gain traffic and start de-ranking. SEO may include On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Before higher, you need to clarify if the designer offers these services or not.

18. Do they have SEO tools, and how will they carry out keyword research?

Along with website design and development, it is also required to carry out detailed keyword research. You need to ask the designer which keywords they will use or how they will help gain traffic.

19. What sort of CMS will they use?

It would help if you asked the designer about a CMS type that uses a third-party custom build. Moreover, he should explain a web-based interface that supports WordPress and other platforms and is compatible with all the browsers.

20. What web practices and standards do they use?

It is vital for website design and development firms to incorporate the latest design themes and development standards that attract visitors. Also, the website design and development should be in a way that supports website functions in all the operating systems and browsers.

Well, above are the questions which the web designer should ask. These questions will help you know the details of your website design and development. Moreover, it will enable you to achieve the desired goals efficiently.