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6 Tips for Using Images to Increase Website Conversions

6 Tips for Using Images to Increase Website Conversions
Images have great influential power. They can portray a positive business identity, boost engagement, and increase conversions. However, not all images give you the same outcome. If you are unable to select the most appropriate images for your site, your sales can decline, and business growth can become a big question.
Thankfully, there are best practices that can help you develop a coherent image strategy to stay safe from the drawbacks and experience the positive impact of visuals. Below are some helpful tips that will enable you to stay on the right track. Read carefully!

Use Images of Real People

Adding images of real people adds an authentic touch to the brand. When prospects notice human faces, they find it easier to relate. Not just this, but it develops a strong bond between the potential client and the company.
Consider a scenario in which you want to buy a handbag. One website shows a massive collection of high-quality bags. However, the second website displays supermodels carrying their fashion bags. The latter one will give you more inspiration to purchase the bag. It will develop an idea about how you will look when you carry the bag.
Such pictures develop style goals and boost engagement. They also provoke the audience to take action. This is why brands spend a hefty budget on hiring models to showcase their products.
The well-known handbag brand Gucci is a wonderful example. Here is how it incorporates a human face into the brand. The different models carrying their collection help the prospects envision the same style.

Go Beyond the Product Images

Instead of solely focusing on the product images, try to upload visuals related to the company’s culture, employee relationships, workshops, and events. All these photos help in gaining consumer trust and portray your professionalism.
Additionally, potential customers will learn about your knowledge of the latest industry trends and dedication to employee training. A brand that focuses on all such aspects will likely provide a premium product.
You can upload these images in the About Us section or create a separate page for your team's news and events. Once you gain the confidence of prospective clients, you will always find it easy to increase conversions.

Avoid Cliche Pictures

Original images are the best choice when choosing pictures as they accurately display your branding. However, sourcing them is time-consuming. Plus, they are pricey for many budgets.
If that is the case, you can use stock images to fulfil your visual needs. Since they are available in various categories, you can easily find an impressive stock photo collection that displays your company’s culture and message.
But avoid the free libraries as they are not too good in quality. They are also overused and portray a negative image for your brand. Instead, you will find many websites with an impressive collection of stock imagery at affordable prices.
These paid photos are rare, and editing them is also possible. To achieve uniqueness, you can purchase stock photos and customize them to match your brand’s voice. That is how you can get high-quality and unique pictures within your budget.

Display the Product in Use

Another valuable tip is to use images showcasing the product's core benefits. Convincing visitors with a box-packed product’s image is nearly impossible. People want a reason to purchase, and images displaying the product in use can highlight these details.
For instance, a static image of the food processor can never reveal its benefits. However, if you add multiple photos showing how the machine can chop vegetables, mince meat, and whisk eggs, people can get to know how a single appliance can resolve multiple problems.
You can also display the use of various blades present for cutting vegetables. For this, use pictures of julienne, sliced, and chopped vegetables along with the specific blade.
Consequently, displaying images in such a manner will convince the visitor to make a purchase, who might be thinking of buying separate machines for each use.

Reveal a Customized and 360 Degree View

Consumers who purchase online cannot physically touch and feel the product. That is why they are more concerned with being sure if the product is their right choice. Give them this confidence by showcasing your product from every angle.
Visit any notable automobile websites and see how they let you see the car’s interior, exterior, back, and front. Likewise, many online stores have the zoom-in feature. You can add this option to give an in-depth view even of the minute details of your product.
Or suppose you have a clothing store. You can show the product from different angles as Net-a-Porter has done below.
Moreover, some products are available in various colours, styles, and sizes. But potential buyers have no idea how the product will look in a different colour other than the one present in the picture. Let prospects view the customized product once they choose their preferred option. This feature will provide a visual idea of the product, increase conversions, and decrease returns.
See how the renowned brand Macy's provides a colour selector for each product. Choosing a colour will show the product in the different available colors.

Upload Images of Social Contribution

You have added pictures revealing the product benefits, its customized view, and your company’s culture. But your rivals might be using the same tactics. Fret not; you can grab the potential buyer’s attention in one more way.
Add images related to your role in the social causes. It will highlight how your brand is working hard for the betterment of society. Thankfully, people are getting aware of environmental issues. That is the reason they appreciate purchasing goods from companies that work for an eco-friendly environment.
Big brands like McDonald’s, Nike, Patagonia, and many others regularly share such pictures. People consider purchasing from their website as an input in resolving communal problems.
Have a look at Coca-Cola, a well-known beverage company. The brand shares pictures of its work towards sustainability and society development. These images help develop a positive identity, create awareness, and develop a loyal clientele.

Wrapping Up

While you are picking the best imagery for your site, consider the above tips. Visuals play an immense role in conversions. But, knowing the right use of images can accelerate business growth in no time. So, think no further; create a solid image strategy from today and take a step to stand out from the crowd.