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ESuper - Gojek Clone App by Elluminati Review 2022

As you know already about the proliferation of super apps in the market. When discussing multi-service platforms, the first name which immediately strikes your mind is Gojek. It is because an organization is one of the oldest, providing various services from its application. Hence, local entrepreneurs are willing to rise as this giant in the super apps market.

According to sources, Gojek received tremendous downloads of 190 million  in 2022. Thus, to support the entrepreneurs to survive in the competition, Elluminati brought its new product, ESuper, similar to Gojek, which helps vendors to step into the multi-service market. It also fulfils the needs of ventures and customers through an online solution.

Going through this post, you will gather information about Elluminati’s Gojek-like application, modules, and numerous packages. So, let’s know first about  ESuper.

What is Elluminati’s ESuper - Gojek Clone App?

ESuper - Gojek clone app  is a platform allowing entrepreneurs to run multi-service ventures online and satisfy their customer’s requirements by offering them an all-in-one marketplace, as they can meet their needs and access any service from a vast range using a solution.

Moreover, entrepreneurs get an app equipped with the latest technology and customizable features at an affordable cost. So, Elluminati seems to be the perfect option as a development partner for those looking to begin their multi-service business. In addition, the platform structure comes with four modules by keeping in mind its specific stakeholders.

To know them, they are described in a section mentioned below, along with their features described in brief.

Different Modules of ESuper and Features of Each:

To facilitate every user category, an ESuper Gojek-like app consists of 4 separate modules along with specific attributes. They are stated below:

User App/Panel

By utilizing an app and web, users receive numerous services, can book them, and pay for them using the comfortable payment method, as many gateways are integrated into a platform for performing financial transactions. Furthermore, the consumers receive a seamless experience of a smooth flow of functions. Alongside, a module is geared with some unique features listed below:

  • Live Partner Tracking - Users can get an idea about the providers' location and estimated delivery time by utilizing these attributes.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways -   There are numerous gateways combined to help users settle their payments.
  • Instant/Schedule Service Deliveries - In case of the possibility of their unavailability for whatsoever reason, users can schedule specific services in advance or can book them instantly.
  • Generate Invoice - A consumer receives a digital copy of the invoice containing all details about the specific services/items ordered.

Merchant App/Panel

Here, merchants can register their business of any type and can start yielding income from online orders. Apart from vendors, organizations providing appointment services can also enrol themselves in a platform. The shop owners can handle their entire ventures online as they can access any vertical. Now, which various specifications they receive are mentioned below:

  • Accept/ Deny Requests - The request posted by users to store owners can be accepted/ rejected by them according to service availability.
  • Update Order - Merchants can upgrade the orders of consumers by replacing similar services/ products with existing demands of users if they are convenient with an update.
  • Order History - The history of orders received till now is recorded into a solution and can be analyzed in detail by business owners.
  • Analyze Feedback - Shop owners can analyze the reviews and ratings by customers and partners to enhance their services.

Partner App

Users can register as drivers, service, or delivery providers in a partner app. They can receive requests from shop owners and accept/deny them as per their availability. Alongside, they receive live status updates through notifications. Discover  various features of the partner app stated below:

  • Set Availability - By utilizing the platform, providers can fix their availability based on days of the week, time intervals, or can be available for a whole day.
  • Give User Feedback - Similar to consumers, the partners are also allowed to review users based on their behaviour.
  • Invoice Submission - After accomplishing an order, the providers must submit the invoices to finalize their finished service.
  • Earnings - The partners registered in the platform can check their task and earning history with all information in detail weekly and monthly.

Admin Panel

Business owners get a bird-eye view of their enterprise and can rapidly access any business vertical to complete various tasks. Apart from that, their venture gets digitized to a great extent. Explore the numerous features admins receive through a solution:

  • Set Price - Admins can set the prices for services in different ways, such as base price, a charge per distance unit, or hourly-based fees using a platform.
  • Add Cities/ Countries - To expand business reach, admins can add various countries or cities. By doing so, they can initiate their venture in different locations to get higher conversions.
  • Send Requests - It allows the entrepreneurs to send manually or automatically requests to partners according to services category.
  • Wallet Approvals - Merchants and providers send requests for wallet approval to the business owner. Once requests are approved by the admin, they can use wallets for payment purposes.

Now, by knowing the modules of Elluminati’s Gojek similar platform, you might be thinking about buying a product. But before that, consider the following packages of solutions.

Several ESuper Development Packages:

As an entrepreneur, you get different packages for receiving Elluminati’s app, similar to Gojek. So consider them mentioned below:


The entrepreneurs receive the platform for rental for a limited period; it includes installation and post-launch support, and all other facilities are not included.


By choosing a DIY plan, the entrepreneurs can get the solution for their venture lifetime. It includes source code and license for free; if they want a platform to be installed on their devices, they need to pay additional charges for the same. No other facilities except these are included.


Purchasing these packages provides entrepreneurs with all facilities except the source code, which includes: installation, 6-month support for free, a lifetime license, and a range of payment options.


This package consists of facilities inclusive of platform installation, support for 6 months, source code, a permanent license, and various options for payment. Thus, to get all the premium facilities, it is advisable for entrepreneurs to purchase an enterprise plan.


To stay afloat in the competitive market, and if you are planning to establish a multi-service business, there’s Elluminati’s ESuper - Gojek clone waiting to help you for launching a super app in the market. As of now, the majority of customers prefer to use marketplace applications to get their all needs fulfilled.
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