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7 Sure-Fire Ways to Prepare For a Post-Pandemic Market

With many businesses on a temporary shut-down due to COVID-19, this might be the ideal time for you to look at your marketing to-do list. You can optimize your local search experience and resume back after the pandemic in a better position to outsmart your competitors.
Here, at Hotsnow, we’ve taken the time to outline these 7 sure-fire ways to help our customers put their businesses at an advantage after the pandemic. The first on the list is to make every needed improvement on your business website.
Make the needed improvement on your business’s website. Improving your website is one of the most significant tasks with the most promising results for your business. Making every needed improvement during this period on your website will imply better rankings when businesses return to normal. And if necessary, there could be no better time than now for a website revamp.

Get better with your site’s mobile experience.

It’s no news that Google has switched to a mobile-first ranking of websites on its search pages. So, is your site mobile-friendly or not? Does it take a longer time to load? Now is the time to bring it up to speed. Here are two of the top benefits that fast mobile page speed will do for your business. First, it will help you to rank better in search results, and second, it will help you to retain leads when they click on your site.
The competition will be very high after the pandemic. Any business that wants to stay ahead will need new working strategies. Taking this time to optimize your website for the constantly-increasing global mobile users, if you’re yet to do that, will contribute significantly to your winning strategy.

Make the most out of Google’s Vision AI.

Do you still have only the street view of your business as the default image on Google? Not only does this bore customers, but it also does not tell Google’s Vision AI what your business is about.
Having several images that show the interior and exterior of your business is appealing to customers and also greatly improve your rankings and conversion rate -due to Google’s Vision AI. The AI analyses your images and uses them to match appropriate searches. With the right images, you will be maximizing this potential SEO benefit for your business.

Utilize all secondary categories

Besides the primary category, Google allows every business to have up to nine secondary categories. Guess the good news. Google does not punish you for filling all nine categories. So why miss out on the leads that could come from applying more secondary categories? Take the time to find out and use every category that applies to your business in making your business more visible in consumer searches after the pandemic.

Get ready for reviews to return to Google.

Many features in Google My Business are currently not available due to COVID-19. But they remain vital to a business’s success, and now is the time to consider ways your business could generate more positive reviews when things return to normal.
However, you can consider generating reviews from other sites such as Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others. Instead of putting a pause on your reputation management process, focus your efforts on sites that haven’t shut down new reviews.

Look beyond Google

Search traffic from Google surpasses that of Bing, Apple Maps, and Facebook. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that proper citations on tier 1 websites improve your rankings on Google itself. There is only a handful of these tier 1 sites that will impact your Google rankings, and you can easily manage them amid COVID-19. It will surprise you how many listings across websites have small errors, such as an incorrect digit on a phone number. These minor errors are considered conflicting information, leading to lower rankings.

Utilize other link-building opportunities

Have you considered reaching out to your suppliers, partners, your local community, and other sources for a link back to your website? Every backlink from a high-quality site is a boost to your SEO—and they aren’t only valuable in high volumes. It’s time-consuming to search out individual link opportunities, but if you find yourself with the opportunity to do so, these potential backlinks can be a worthwhile pursuit.
You can also invest in creating content that will generate these links organically.

There are several ways to maintain a leading edge in local search. With the present pause to normal life, there’s no better time to focus on getting things right—and hopefully, come out of the crisis in better shape than ever.