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Google Page Ranking 2020 for Small Businesses

Have you wondered why some sites are ranking high on Google even when they aren't optimized for search engines? Also, if you're concern with SEO, I'm sure that you have seen high ranking sites without any backlinks.

I decided to write this blog to answer the myriad of questions that I've gotten on this subject this year.

Ranking high in Google search depends on Google's algorithm. Google ranking uses over 200 ranking factors for determining the position of a site. And because these ranking factors aren't easy to understand, it is hard to find ways to adjust your site to maximize your rankings.

Let's start with the term Google PageRank.

What is Google PageRank?

In your effort to improve your Google page ranking, you must understand how you get your ranking. One key factor in your ranking comes from the Google PageRank. Google PageRank is Google's algorithm that looks at the quantity and quality of other pages that link to your page to decide the value of your page.

Google determines the degree of relevance of your webpage. Sites that are considered essential by providing quality information are ranked higher than a less informative site.

Enough of the technical stuff!

I can bet that you're not so much interested in a bunch of technical information. That being the case, I'll use the rest of the article to focus on 7 Practical Tips for your Google Page Ranking.

The 7 Practical Tips for your Google Page Ranking.

1. Get to know the Google ranking algorithm.

I could jump right into some actionable SEO strategies to use on your site right now.

But I want to get you focused on long-term success and ensure that you don't get penalized whenever a new update is released.

Executives in Google (like Gary Illyes and John Mueller) confirm that Google is continually changing its algorithm. It's crucial, therefore, to keep track of the latest changes.

2. Improve the load time of your website.

Research shows that about 83% of users want your website to load in three seconds or less.

Users don't want to wait around for your page to load when they click on your site. Users want information fast and efficiently. You may lose these leads to a competitor if you have a slow page load speed.

3. Improve your UX to engage leads

Your user experience performs a significant role in determining whether leads remain on your page or leave it for a competitor. It's no small idea that you provide your audience with a positive experience when they visit your site.

4. Make your website mobile-friendly

More than 50% of Internet traffic comes from mobile. As a business that wants to sell, you must adapt your pages for the mobile user. More and more searches are being conducted these days from mobile devices than on PCs.

Even Google knows the importance of the mobile experience. They reflect this in their consideration of Mobile-friendliness as a factor for ranking websites. Today, there's almost no benefit to having a site that isn't friendly for mobile searches.

5. Choose some other CMS over WordPress

Because of its relatively cheap cost, most small businesses run their websites using WordPress. But the problem is that this popular content management system can become very slow due the big amount of third party plugins. So, choosing to use a more fast CMS over WordPress will hugely increase your Google page ranking.

6. Structure content to appear in the Featured Snippet.

The featured snippet is also called the 'the position 0.' If you're a marketer, you sure want your content to appear in "position 0."

So, what's 'position 0?'

This featured snippet is the box of information that you see at the top of the search results. When you search, you may see a box at the top that details the answer for you.

This box is your "position 0." It's a hot spot to be in because your audience will see this information first. If the information in the box answers the search query, they will click on the article to learn more.

7. Create content optimized for SEO to boost your ranking in the search results

Content marketing is a crucial aspect of SEO. When you create content, you create the opportunity for your business to drive more traffic to your site and earn more relevant links.

Each time you create content, you are sharing your knowledge and expertise with your audience. Continuing in this act sets you as an authority in your field.

Are you ready to improve your Google page ranking?

Your Google ranking is crucial to helping your business drive more valuable traffic. By optimizing your Google ranking, you will improve your rank in the search results to reach more interested leads. At Hotsnow, we have about a decade year of experience in improving page rankings alongside other SEO tasks for our clients.

If you're ready to start improving your Google page ranking, contact us online or call us today at +358 (800) 912-904 to speak with a strategist about how Hotsnow can help you improve your ranking.

MARCH, 28 / 2018

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