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What are the best web design companies of the world?

Choosing the Best Web Design Company Sites

Which companies are could be considered as the best web design companies? What are the criteria to determine that title? And how one company can become known as "the best web design company in the world"?
There are many companies which proved that they are ones of the best in industry. Their titles often established by the significant amounts of the works they have done and by the score of positive client testimonials on their web design company sites.

To be objective, however, we need to figure out how we consider some company as the best web design company in the world or their region. Let's take a look at some examples of the great companies and their sites to get an idea, which traits or qualities a big web design company should have.

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Top 10 list: Best web design company sites of 2020

1. Blue Fountain Media
Blue Fountain Media is a great creative company. It utilises user-centric UX and proves that brands that are using their services gain success and moving to the next levels. This company concentrates on B2B website development.
New York, NY
Top clients
CDK Global, SONY, Microsoft
Publics Sapient
2. Publics Sapient
Their team is very creative, and they have a vast network of local offices over the world. This team has proved its high rank and won many prestigious awards. Proficient in Construction website design.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Top clients:
Mercedes-Benz, Walmart, Southwest Airlines, and Audi
Publics Sapient
3. Efelle Creative
Among the top web design company sites, this company m as a company that provides the full-service web design and dental web design web development.
Seattle, WA
Top clients:
Boeing, Philips, University of WA
Efelle Creative
4. Deloitte Digital
We are all know Deloitte, right? Or at least you heard its name. This company is one of the biggest consultancies that provide marketing, advertising and excellent web design. Their locations around the world are giving them a good possibility to collaborate with the clients.
New York, New York, USA
Top clients:
Adobe, Daimler AG, Ericsson, Chipotle
Deloitte Digital
5. ThreeSixtyEight
This advertising agency also has a very robust web design and development team. They create engaging websites, and their substantial part is the creation of very professional video content.
Baton Rouge, LA
Top clients:
NASA, TED, Verizon
6. Ramotion
From the other web design company sites, Ramotion differs from their talented and professional use of the top-edge internet technologies and focusing on the mobile-first UX design.
San Francisco, CA
Top clients:
Turo, Mozilla, Xero
7. North Kingdom
Moving from the US, Sweden is one of the capitals of the best web design. And the North Kingdom is a web design company that has made their authority for their overall quality.
Stockholm, Sweden
Top clients:
Coke, Toyota, and Victoria's Secret.
North Kingdom
8. 360i
Their client's base speaks itself. This agency is specialised in brand strategy and social networks.
New York, New York, USA
Top clients:
Canon, Ben & Jerry's, and Coca-Cola
9. 22squared
This creative web design and digital marketing company always keep their high rank among other companies by offering a wide range of services.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Top clients:
GNC, Baskin-Robbins, Hanesbrands and The Home Depot
10. AKQA
Offering Data research, web design and development with an emphasis of promotion in social media, this team has a significant portfolio with very famous clients and have a place on this list.
San Francisco, California, USA
Top clients:
Google, Nike Football and Warner Brothers Entertainment

Traits of the best web design company sites

The best website design and development companies all have a very creative and professional design. But it's not possible to judge the top web design companies only on these criteria.
Is it not possible to determine if a web design company is the best looking only on their portfolio. We need to consider other properties, as well.
We think that the necessary qualities for the best web design company should be:

1. The brilliant web design
Okay, it's so apparent, the best web design company just to have a perfect design itself. And many of the bestowed design company sites prove that. Many of them recognised by local and global awards, such as the Web Awards, The Interactive Media Awards and the Horizon Interactive Awards.

2. Broad portfolio
To be recognized as a successful and the best web design company, one should have a significant portfolio with a broad range of industries. Unfortunately, it's not enough to be focused on one particular industry or client to get a rank of the best web design company.

3. Innovative
Web design is a constantly evolving industry and the best web design companies keeping their technology up to date with the current trends. Design styles getting obsolete within a few years, and the web design companies must give their client fresh and engaging design and ideas.

4. Extensive services
It's not good enough to be just creative; the quality of the services is a key to be ranked as the best web design company. The best web design companies offering a broad range of services to satisfy the clients, and marketing and SEO usually are the sidecars for every successful web design company.

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