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Top 5 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2020

A few weeks into the New Year, and we are already seeing some of the most sensational of design trends starting to take the lead.

Excited to know what those trends are? Read on, then. We're going for a ride.

Monochrome Themes

Image Source: Bureau of Works
There's something highly soothing and infinitely more creative about monochrome themes. It comes from the fact that instead of sending the viewer's brain into overdrive with contrasting colors, monochrome calms down the nervous system by using shades, tints, and tones of one single color from the entire palette.

It works great on websites, mobile apps, visiting cards, or company logo designs (some good examples here)– you name it. Monochrome design themes look extremely chic and with the right typography and other design elements, such as geometric blocks, they can be mind-blowing.

What makes monochrome themes so awesome?

1. They add a visual coherence to the design.

2. Instead of hoarding all the attention, they let the content shine.

3. They let your brand color take center stage.

4. They make the brand look confident and sophisticated.

But before you start equating monochrome with subtle (read: boring), know that monochrome can be vibrant, in-your-face, and futuristic too. It is this dynamism of monochromatic themes that makes it such a dominating force for 2020 and number 1 on our list.

Crazy Typography

mamu typography
Image Source: Behance
2020 is all about graphic design that's out there, wild, and in the words of Google's Material Design, 'intentional'. In the contemporary graphic design world which is still largely minimalistic, crazy, big, bold, and beautiful typography is satiating the creative urges.

And it's something that's hailed by both material design and minimal design principles.

But in 2020, typography is getting bigger and crazier.

Think thicker fonts. No, go bigger. A little bit more. Just a bit more. There you go! Also, broken fonts and semi-transparent fonts. These fonts are being used as layers over graphics to make the design more three-dimensional. We also see designers using their type to draw shapes: circles, 3-d cubes, and dynamic curves.

We are also seeing individual letters of a word comprising of different typographical styles, shapes, and textures. The idea is to make the type more alive, present, and not just the secondary feature of the design. Needless to say, the idea has taken off big time. Pun totally intended.

Interactive Animations

Gif Source: Squareme
Innovations in design, especially graphic design, have spoiled us. Nice, shiny pictures and great, bright colors just don't it for us anymore. We want to experience it. We want to interact with the design that we are witnessing or using.

Hearing our desperate cries, the gods of design have delivered. We see a lot of more interactivity in animation than it was before. On some websites, while navigating, you'll immediately notice as cursors take on the shape of cute icons and glide along as you move. Buttons transform themselves as you press them or hover over them. Similarly, designs that appear only when you click on them or 'discover' them.

True, too much of this can be a bother. Therefore, only use them sparingly in your projects. Limit it to just one feature per website so you don't overwhelm your user's brain into figuring out how to operate it.

Isometric Illustrations

Launch animation isometry gif
In simplest terms, isometric illustrations mean depicting 3D designs on a 2D surface. They help present graphics on a much larger scale, in greater depth, and with more detail. That's why we see isometric illustrations not only as a popular trend for the web but logo design, poster design, and ad design too. If you keep a look-out, you'll also be able to spot it on prints.

However, the most common use, and one we expect to see more of in 2020, is using isometric illustrations to draw futuristic graphics. Drawings with shiny, metallic colors, cartoonish representations, and lots of shadows, lines, and layering. We also expect to see, based on its current use, isometric illustrations in animations. The use of line art, flat design, and monochrome colors are also distinct features of isometric illustrations in various applications.

If you want to make your graphic design presence really known in 2020, we say you start with isometrics.

Retro Style

Retro illustrations
Image from: The First Goods on Behance
The love of the 50s that was rekindled with the airing of Mad Men in 2007 is seeing its most gorgeous manifestation in graphic design in 2020. Instead of being a cute little throwback to the vintage era, retro is being fully embraced and celebrated with abandon in the New Year.

But what is with us our love for nostalgia? Regression, perhaps? Or simply the fact that the 50s was an iconic time for design and we want to celebrate that.

You'll see the retro style and vintage designs most prominently available in logo designs and brand identity. Additionally, posters, landing pages, book covers, and typography all are getting retro treatment this year. Not to forget websites. Web graphic design is huge on vintage right now. With graphics that look hand-drawn, with generously added textures and geometric shapes, you can create retro web design themes that look unique, memorable, and so-darn-stylish.

Summing up…

Concluding our discussion on top 5 graphic design trends for 2020, which one do you want to try right now? Some of these trends you may have worked on before while some may be completely new but with the right tools, enough practice, and a bit of tender love and care, you can become proficient in them in almost no time.

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MARCH, 28 / 2018

Text author: Alice Scott
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