Free Adobe XD Resource

Free Adobe XD Resource: Legal Services site

We are continuing to offer our readers our free Adobe XD Resources: this time it’s a generic site template for the Legal Services business. This version can be easily customized to suit your business profile. All the texts are linked with the Character Styles and colours are linked as well, that giving the big possibilities for customization.


Get it here:




Free Adobe XD GUI Kit

Free Adobe XD GUI Kit: OceanWP Theme + Elementor.

The OceanWP theme is prevalent among Web Designers, and we in hotsnow decided to make the life more comfortable for you. We created the Adobe XD GUI kit to streamline the sketching and prototyping process. Now you can very quickly design and show site to the client and be confident that you can bring it to life using your favourite tools!

For your convenience all the Color, Character Styles and Symbols are fully editable, so you can quickly adapt them to your new design.

And you can use your design as an exact reference during the building of the site, or you can generate the design specs to your development team.

How to use: Edit the colors and Character Styles in Assets pan, and all the colors changes across the design. Edit and drag and drop the Symbols to build your perfect design! This Free Adobe XD GUI Kit brought to you by folks of hotsnow Creative Agency, and if you find this resource useful, please let us know and share it with #hotsnow hashtag!