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The Suomen Chabad Lubavitch Building Renovation

How Hotsnow continues to lead the Finnish 3D Rendering Market

Known for its praiseworthiness in providing high quality graphical and branding solutions to organisations and businesses, Hotsnow has continued to expand its reach with leading market innovations in the area of 3D visualization services in recent times. The photorealistic 3D rendering for the soon-to-begin renovation project of the Suomen Chabad Lubavitch House is one of hotsnow’s most recent masterpiece.

The Chabad Lubavitch House rendering is an exterior and interior 3D visualisation project for the historic building renovation of Suomen Chabad Lubavitch, a Jewish religious organisation located in Helsinki, Finland. The project was done with high precision to match with the specific requirements detailed by the religious client. Areas such as dress code, kitchen facilities, colour patterns, designs and styles where all inclusive in making sure that the new masterpiece will only look modern but still reflect the life and feel of what the house was known for.

3d visualisation, interior

“Our team has created the brilliant visuals to be in strict compliance with the plenty of requirements detailed by the authority for whom the project was done,” said the lead designer at Hotsnow. “Also, being satisfied with our work, both the clients and official authorities accepted the projects, and it has such been passed to production.”

While this is a noteworthy mark of service excellence, the Hotsnow 3D rendering team is readily prepared to offer more 3D visualization solutions for meeting the needs of businesses and organisations both in Finland and abroad.

About Hotsnow

Hotsnow is an expert 3D Rendering Services Agency situated in Helsinki area in Finland with attention on accurate photographic 3D rendering and masterful smaller scale enumerating work. We offer proficient 3D renderings in capacities that can fit into any organization’s needs giving you a feel of the prototype before the final product is constructed. Our primary MISSION is to ensure that every client can feel the professional support and care of our company, living through the most unforgettable experience. For more information about Hotsnow services, please visit https://rendering.hotsnow.fi/

3D Rendering Service


Assured 3D rendering service delivery in eight working days*

Helsinki—June 13, 2018—Hotsnow, a 3D rendering company in Helsinki, Finland, today launches her Express 3D Rendering Services. This superfast 3D rendering solution is meant to complete 3D visualization projects for customers in as short a time as eight working days rather than the longer three to five weeks offered by most 3D rendering companies. The Finland Company called this her Express Architecture Exterior Visualisation.

“We’re able to serve much faster by making use of Rendering Farms that distribute the rendering process to clusters of computers,” said Igor Polyakov, Director, and lead designer, Hotsnow Finland. “This express delivery feature will help companies with urgent needs, and it’s available to the international market.”

Igor Polyakov also spoke on the output quality of the Express Architecture Exterior Visualisation.  “We’re in no way undermining quality in getting things done faster; instead we’ve adopted a rendering approach that allows us to achieve the extra fast result that we promise while still delivering standard quality. We have meticulously worked things out to guarantee that the output quality is the same as in regular rendering.”

The Hotsnow’s Express Architecture Exterior Visualisation is meant to serve Architects, property developers and construction business persons with much faster turnaround time. The service is available internationally and can be ordered online directly from the company’s website— https://rendering.hotsnow.fi   

About Hotsnow

Hotsnow is an expert 3D Rendering Service Agency situated in Helsinki area in Finland with attention on photograph accurate 3D rendering service and masterful smaller scale enumerating work. We offer proficient 3D renderings in capacities that can fit into any organization’s needs giving you a feel of the prototype before the final product is constructed. Our primary MISSION is to ensure that every client can feel the professional support and care of our company, living through the most unforgettable experience. For more information about Hotsnow services, please visit https://rendering.hotsnow.fi/

Hotsnow Transforms Ideas Into 3D-Rendered Visuals

The 3D perception showcase is quickly developing the world over. Not every person can imagine non-existing objects, which is why Hotsnow is the best decision for overall makers, originators, draftsmen, and land engineers. Adaptability, versatility, straightforwardness, and photograph genuine detail supplements the involvement in reviving life into a real space.

People and organizations who are wanting to transform their best thoughts into a visual reality work intimately with Hotsnow through a simple and streamlined process.

Hotsnow offers a total scope of expert 3D rendering administrations, which are all hand crafted to fit the necessities of any organization around the world, from our Finland-based across the any country.

Unmatched  3D Rendering Service

Each professional and inventive in nature, Hotsnow’s 3D rendering services offer a feel of the prototype before the final product is constructed, and in which our rivals offer 3D renderings within a time body of as a minimum weeks, Hotsnow can create a proposition in beginning from most effective 8 days.

Operating with Hotsnow: Work Smarter, Keep Away from Expensive Errors

Clients, creation agencies, and architects use our 3D rendering Service to visualize what hasn’t end up yet. Additions, modifications, or structural updates to a 3D rendering saves customers and developers time and money in the end.

picture-actual 3D renderings create opportunities for organizations to proportion precise mockups with customers, production businesses, and comparing architects. practical renderings shared on social media channels drum up client interest and client enchantment.

For designers who’re hoping to showcase what the space will seem like to curious clients or fascinated buyers, 3D renderings allow them to expose a selection of ideas, without problems transfer out sure aspects, and get the project accepted in much less time, saving each parties valuable assets.

3D Rendering Service Deliver Proposed Ideas to Existence

With help of blueprints, sketches, or 3D models, our 3D rendering artists at Hotsnow will begin the modeling procedure by using of textures, lighting fixtures, and making drafts, all whilst the usage of a custom-chosen shade palette. With our worldwide express delivery, professional 3-d renderings are to be ready in as little as eight days. We take this turnaround time commitment significantly, specifically for the reason that that is one cause we’re slicing out the competitors.

Residential and industrial structures rendered in 3D form will assist assets and development agencies a possibility to peer how their finished projects will look. The potential to put it up for sale and start promoting property as quickly as the 3D rendering is available is a smart expert desire.

Architects who use 3D renderings offer key choice makers a way to see what the proposed project, with information that appear to have come straight from existence itself, will look like. benefit making plans permissions and win over the competition with our professional 3D rendering expertise.


Igor Polyakov



*some restrictions may apply.


GDPR - Google Cloud

Google Cloud: adding your DPO or EU representative for the GDPR

GDPR is a hot topic nowadays, and I was dealing with that a lot during the last time.

I am, as many of admins of the Google Cloud recently received a message from Google Cloud Platform support with instructions how to add DPO and EU representative to your company profile contacts.

But as so often, the instructions from Google were not so easy: the pages when they referred in their message have the missing buttons, and I was forced to dig through a lot of conflicting and leading to nowhere links and pages.

After I finally find the way to do it, I decided to share it with you to save your efforts and time. Here is this information:

Register DPO or EU representative for the GDPR

If your organization is required under the European Union’s (EU) Data Protection Regulation to appoint a data protection officer (DPO), an EU representative, or both, register their details in your Google Admin console.

You must be signed in as a super administrator for this task.

Register your representatives

  1. Go to Company profile > Legal & compliance.
  2. Under Your data protection officer details or Your EU representative details, enter contact information, as required for your organization under the Data Protection Regulation Law.
  3. Click Save.

GDPR: About the DPO and EU representative

  • A data protection officer (DPO) is the person designated, where applicable, to facilitate compliance with the provisions of the GDPR. The GDPR defines the criteria and the conditions under which a data protection officer must be designated.
  • An EU representative is the person designated, where applicable, to represent customers not established in the EU with regard to their obligations under the GDPR.

No time to it by yourself? Consider us as an Expert for this task

Make Your Website GDPR Fine-Proof

With thе new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect in May 2018, some standard business practices like monitoring and profiling of your site users without their consent may become illegal. Are you into digital advertising or do you own a website that collects, store or distribute personally identifiable information of EU citizens?

Let Hotsnow assist your business or corporation with the GDPR audit of your website and other third-party technologies in compliance with the new data protection law.

Our team comprises over a dozen experts with extensive experience in digital advertising, online tracking technology, and IT law.

We can help make your website legal by getting the actual work done rather than having you make ticks or checkboxes on paper.

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The collection of web browsing data will make most online advertising, web analytics, and third-party widgets fall short of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While compliance with the GDPR requires changes in almost every aspect of a business’ website and third-party technologies, many GDPR consultants often overlook some areas. These include the highly technical and complicated elements like online tracking and profiling of website visitors. Your company could still be at risk of the huge and very stiff fines for GDPR non-compliance without critically examining every aspect of your website and making the necessary modifications in line with the new data law.

Depending on the level of users’ data right infringement, the new General Data Protection Regulation allows your business/organisation whether big or small to be fined a sum as high as €20 million or 4% of your global annual revenue of the prior financial year.

Having your website audited and made GDPR compliant far exceeds the cost of facing a GDPR trial.


We follow a simple three-step approach to critically look into your website and provide you with a General Data Protection Regulation compliant ready solution.



Upon contacting us,

    We assign experts from our team to get back to you

    We evaluate your site and obtain the necessary details and credentials


Auditing and Solution Designing

    Our team of auditing experts analyzes every aspect of your website for gaps in GDPR compliance

    We design a fitting solution in line with the new data law


    We deliver the GDPR compliant solutions, and

    Guide you through testing of the ready solutions


  • We’re a European Company with a detailed understanding of the GDPR law and the workings of the ICO.
  • Our team is comprised of experts with broad experience in digital advertising, online tracking technology, and IT law.
  • Well of GDPR auditing experience to draw from. We’ve successfully executed numerous GDPR auditing projects including working on our website.


What we don’t do

Hotsnow don’t provide clients with trial suggestions nor engage them in box-ticking exercises.

What we do

At, Hotsnow, we perform the necessary tasks required to make your website Ready!

Request a quote today!

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A huge list of 3D rendering companies

3D rendering companies.

For whom it may concern: a very big list of the 3D rendering and animation companies.

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PetBIOMICS web page.

PetBIOMICS web page design. Hotsnow created the web page design for PetBIOMICS – a metabolomics data startup located in Helsinki, Finland. We have made a very modern-looking and responsive web landing page that can be scaled to the more significant corporate site.

Want a similar solution? Learn what services we offer on our services page.

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Brand Strategy, Logo Creation, Stationery Design, Printing Materials Design, Packaging Design, 3D Renderings.


UX Design, Web Development, Mobile application Development, 3D Animation, Video Production, Digital Platform & Ad Development


Social Strategy & Community Management, Site Promotion, Social Media Campaigns Production and Support, localization.

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Web design and branding: Triumph Travel

Web design and branding

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Give your customers something they can believe in with an instantly memorable brand. We’re experts at branding new companies and rebranding not-so-new ones.


In today’s business world, few conditions or principles are as pervasive–even sacred–as this one.

You notice brands and Web design and branding mentioned all the time. You listen to it from all industries in the developed world. However, what exactly do these words mean? What happens to a brand? More specifically, how can branding work on the web? Hotsnow has answers to problems. More importantly, we know how to use this knowledge to work online.


Mostly, your brand is all about how precisely humans perceive you. It has to do with the visuals, information and encounters that others have concerning your company.

When it comes to your Web design and branding, there is so much more to take into account than just your website. The brand must shine–and be consistent–everywhere.

Elements of a Brand:


Your Web design and branding should be present in your “DNA”-meaning, why your company exists and what you bring to the stand. Along with bringing the values of your brand, your website should quickly be able to get suggestions like these:

What exactly does your company do?
Which products and services do you offer?
How will customers profit from them?


Furthermore, to what you do, your Web design and branding includes how you do it.

The impression that customers have of your business–innovative or traditional, classy or down-to-earth–is a significant part of your brand. Factors such as these very important in conveying your identity’s personality:

The design of your logo
The firmness of the content on your website and blog
The colours that show on your site and in your ads

CONSISTENCY in Web design and branding

Possess you ever endured friends who said a critical factor and did another constantly? If so, you probably failed to keep them as friends for long.

Who would like to keep shifty, difficult to rely on people in their lives? More importantly, who desires to give their money to a business that behaves that way? If a company does not seem to be to know its very own purpose or identity, it’s not going to inspire trust in their prospects and customers. Which why consistency is essential when it comes to creating a brand. Amongst other things, this can mean:

Keeping your messages uniform on all mass media, while still considering the audience

Making use of the same colours, and styles on your webpage, marketing materials and ads

Making sure that your website functions properly and is instinctive for your site guests to work with

Fresh Call-to-action whereas YOUR BRAND?

To be short: EVERYWHERE.

Now this the longer answer. On-line, your brand is everywhere people engage with you or speak about you. Generally, your website will be the principal place this happens–it’s where customers will come to find out about your company. It also includes such sites as:


WHY CHOOSE hotsnow?

To preserve your brand, you need to absorb your web presence. You have to have a comprehensive strategy for interacting and bolstering your industry’s vision online. This task includes developing content, responding to feedback from customers and more.

At hotsnow, we help your brand look its best. We have the time and understanding to choose a business perspective to resonate around the world Wide World wide web. To find out about our procedure, check out these areas of our website:

Worldwide web Development

Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy

If you have questions about marketing for the net, contact all of us.

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Letterpress business cards. There’s nothing very like accepting a letterpress business card. They are minimal artistic work prints without anyone else’s input. With a cozy but then expert feel, this “old school” style of printing will influence your cards to emerge and be recalled. On the rare chance that you as of now have a plan at the top of the priority list, we can enable you to transform it into a delightful letterpress piece. Beginning starting with no outside help? Give us a chance to make a hand craft that fits your business. Regardless of which course you pick, we’ll work intimately with you all through the procedure to make the ideal search for your business, venture, or calling card.

For general data about valuing, turnaround, and so forth, download our evaluating guide underneath. In the event that you’d like more subtle elements or a gauge for your task, if it’s not too much trouble to contact via email or utilize the contact page.