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Industry news

Knoll and Posti

I was not a big fan of the new Posti logotype, I think, so it’s directly from 90’s, that I am personally hate… But today I bumped into the Knoll’s logo version for the Christmas collection – designed by NB Studio, London and many of its elements looks so familiar to new Posti’s logotype (The bow, stripes and a whole concept of package), but I love more Knoll’s version, it’s more elegant, they simply turned two final rectangle letters into one symbol of the wrapped package – just brilliant! And Posti’s logo’s idea is not so organic -who have seen the post packages wrapped as Christmas gifts?

I don’t think so it’s a direct rip off, but Posti’s logo looks not so unique and original after all that… At least to me.

Marimekko and Hemtex

Just lately the particular Finnish design Home Marimekko faced volume of plagiarism accusations, a number of them would seem clear along with a number of them much less. This intensive flood of claims triggered many tough discussions across the world. As a result, the public image of Marimekko ended up being definitely broken, therefore I assume, will probably be apparent into their sales figures.

Though reading the particular remarks in the media articles, I found many of the persons produce sensation that somebody desires to fire down Marimekko being an enterprise. The particular frequency regarding the overall look regarding like suggestions over the unique media resources bring to mind a suspicion how the blackmailing regarding Marimekko ended up being commenced by a some power. This specific notion apparently me as another conspiracy theory paranoid bullshit, when I mentioned together with our Finnish friends, no one been taken this specific theory seriously.

A fresh twist while reading the most current media with regards to comparable boasts against popular Swedish design company Hemtex that definitely would seem since the main competition regarding Marimekko inside European current market, along with if you have a number of prepared behavior are usually prevails, it might be commenced because of the powers which considering possibly the particular fold regarding one of these companies, or even the two of which.

Exactly what actually transpiring with your major design households regarding Nordic spot? Please feel absolve to reveal your opinions in comments.

iCloud: new look

Apple improved the overall look and feel of iCloud online interface recently. Right now it’s a new, witout a doubt seen in iOS 7 look. Page’s backdrop has been improved and also icons has been restyled. There is certainly many rants amongst creatives across the globe about Apple’s new style, although we have to confess that they’re consistent of their design and style, which is generally is usually a strategy for the brand’s success.