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10 iPhone Apps for Designers

The life of designer running own design studio or freelancer is formed of many processes, and big part of them is really so far from creativity and sometimes may cause difficulties to concentrate on creation of masterpieces…

I’ve collected ten useful iPhone apps to help keep your work as efficient, well-organized and fun as possible. With these at the ready, you’ll be prepared for just about anything.

1. Daylite Touch


I cannot imagine, how I ever lived without this great CRM/Time managing suite (Desktop version required, Mac OS X). Together with fully intuitive interface this app giving the possibility to track information about your clients, projects, opportunities, appointments etc. I love it because it helps to keep in sync my business contact and appointments with my desktop, so I am always can get my important information and make adjustments in my schedule on-the-fly.

Cost: FREE


2. Jobs


When you do a project, where you need to write down time spent on the work, this app come very handy. Easy to use, with good interface, you’ll get the powerful tool for reasonable price.

Cost: $1.99


3. Google Apps

Google Apps

We using Google Apps in our work environment, and it’s very handy to reach necessary information on the business trip, on the meeting with client or simply during the way to work, then Google mobile app helps. One big con is impossibility to edit documents on iPhone.

Cost: FREE


4. Parlingo


Parlingo is an application that making possible chat with various chat clients, such ISQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo and Jabber. Members of our team and clients are located worldwide, and use different kinds of instant messengers, but thanks for Parlingo we are always ready for communication.

Cost: FREE


5. Evernote


This app comes together with desktop application that giving the easy and funny way to store and sync your various types of information across all your devices. Called as notes, these chunks of data can be everything: from the snippets of code to ideas of the next advertising conception.

Cost: FREE


6. LinkedIn


I sparingly using LinkedIn to connect with my colleagues and clients, and confessing that mobile app wasn’t in use on my iPhone much, however after the last update this app become more sexy and functional, just more like Facebook app, that instantly gave me a buzz to use it more often.

Cost: FREE


7. SketchBook MobileX

SketchBook MobileX

Okay, I know, this is a first app in this list that more close to my profession, but let’s leave our desktops and laptops for our main work. With this app you can draw with your fingers and it’s very helpful in some particular situations, like in a case when my notepad is unreachable.

Cost: FREE


8. Mocha VNC Lite

Mocha VNC Lite

When you are on the way to the home your client calls you and asking you to send him the file from your computer in the office, sounds familiar? With Mocha VNC Lite you can connect your work computer and send required file by email. Mocha VNC Lite is a remote desktop solution working on PC and Mac.

Cost: FREE


9. Facebook


I think so everybody know this popular social network, so there no reason to explain its benefits. I using it for communication with my friends, colleagues and clients.

Cost: FREE



This app is very handy when you need to share very large files, that cannot pass regular email. Sign-up with file storage service, download this app to your iPhone and viola! You able to send your brand new design to your client in an elegant way.

Cost: FREE

What iPhone apps helps you doing your design business? Know of a useful app I didn’t mention? Tell about it in the comments.


This party flyer was created for 69 AAMUA party. It includes a description of the program and names of DJ participants/hosts. I kept the logo design simple with a twist of 80 in typography and colors giving the idea of life and energy – Let’s dance!

Launch: Ofer Amir

Ofer Amir – fashion and editorial photographer from Helsinki who is well-known for his brilliant photographs in Finland and abroad.

Personalised Design

The main focus on photographer’s creations, so we decided to go on the black background that traditionally works well with fashion and advertising pictures.

Innovative navigation

The navigation of the site is made with a balance between the site’s fresh look and the usability. The striking blue colour is used to add accents on the selected items.

A Thousand Words

Pictures do most of the business on the new Ofer Amir website. Understanding the power of images, both the client and provider agreed to the minimalistic yet stylish site’s look.

Модные детки

A logotype for online store of children clothes Модные детки (In Russian). Graphic Designer: Bronislav Gorlinsky.

Skills applied: Art direction, Graphic design, Brand creation
Client: Модные Детки

In this tough time of overall recession people starting to be more active and coming with new ideas, and some of them are successful and very useful for everybody. This online shop has been launched in an attempt to survive in difficult financial situation and help others. Now people in Russia can afford quality clothes for their kids on very reasonable prices. We are proud of being supporting this initiative and helping to create professionally looking identity for this handy online store.



Corporate identity: Global Drinks Finland

We created recently a corporative identity package for Global Drinks Finland, a very active company that became a strong player in the market of alcoholic beverages in Finland and US.

It’s a pleasure to work when a good spiritual synergy and understanding are established in the communication between customer and provider, then the results of work are seems fantastic.

Up to the moment this logotype is available on company’s stationery and corporate site: