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Maapallon tulivuori timelapse

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iCloud: new look

Apple improved the overall look and feel of iCloud online interface recently. Right now it’s a new, witout a doubt seen in iOS 7 look. Page’s backdrop has been improved and also icons has been restyled. There is certainly many rants amongst creatives across the globe about Apple’s new style, although we have to confess that they’re consistent of their design and style, which is generally is usually a strategy for the brand’s success.


3D visuals of school in Seinäjoki

We have recently completed a set of exterior 3D visualisations for Arkkitehtitoimisto Jääskeläinen, the Niittyvillan school which is to be situated in Seinäjoki, Finland. Two images have been created in total and these include the front and yard views. Have a look and see what you think at attached images.