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We're quite the bloggers

Attention all Apple users!

To be short: if you haven’t already done so, update your iOS devices *immediately*. Don’t use a Mac for banking on the public Internet and anything sensitive until Apple releases a security update for OS X.

Technical details are available here:

And here are some practical tips if you use a Mac in your daily work.

  • Definitely don’t use public Wi-Fi networks
  • Use Chrome or Firefox (they have their own SSL implementation) instead of Safari
  • Don’t use apps that may transmit authentication tokens (passwords) over SSL

Specifically, don’t use Apple’s with your domain account. It seems that Outlook use Apple’s SSL implementation as well, and since Kerberos authentication currently has problems with our mail servers, it may ask you to send passwords over SSL instead. Best way may be to read your e-mail on another device or use Outlook Web Access with Chrome or Firefox.


Tuulikello assisted living building project.

Hot Snow Design studio recently created exterior 3D renderings for Arkkitehtitoimisto Jääskeläinen, the Tuulikello assisted living building  which is to be situated in Seinäjoki, Finland. Three images have been created in total and these include the various views representing the facilities. These visualisations have been done in realistic manner, even some wear and tear effects were applied to the textures to give some additional touch of reality.

Warpstyle corporate calendar

This is a project of Trans Warpstyle corporate calendar for the year of 2014.

The calendar is offered to Japanese companies for free in order to promote services of the company and its associates.

The concept for the calendar is “World Nursery Tales”, with 12 artworks from different regions of the world.

Hot Snow Design have picked the illustration to famous nursery tale “Sampo Lappelill” written by Zacharius Topelius. The illustration (on the last page) has been beautifully drawn by our talented young artist Sarah Polyakov.

A La Carte Lapland new website launched

We are extremely proud to announce the recent launch of our latest website for A La Carte Lapland from Sodankylä, Finland. We were delighted to update their website and add the online booking functionality and many other improvements.

A La Carte Lapland specializes in providing tourist services in Lapland and pride themselves on organising entertaining and unforgettable experiences of vacations in the heart of Finnish north.

They now have a fresh website that provides their customers with a great experience. For mobile users the site will adapt to any tablet or smart phone. To help increase their customer service level we have setup the easy-to-use booking system so they will be able to provide very high level service for their valued customers.

Visit website:

Retrospective: Architectural sketches

Architectural drafts of the bridge service station project (Not realised). This station project was commissioned to Hot Snow Design in 2009 and our Creative Director Igor Polyakov had drawn it. Being mainly as an artist representation of the architecture project these drawings used as a base for communication on early seeding stage of the project.

This kind of artwork is extremely effective when no detailed project and technical drawings exists yet, but there is a need for a visuals for communication with the project’s stakeholders.

Media: fineliner markers, pencils, watercolor.

Siirrokset UX suunnittelu

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